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We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, and Gift Certificates.

Insurance Plans

We participate with VSP, Medicare, and Medicaid, Acordia, Advantica, Advantra, Aetna,Bankers, BCBS, and many more. Please Contact Our Office For A Complete List Of Insurance Companies.

Facilities and Equipment

Comphehensive Family Eyecarelow vision
Our office provides emergency services for eye infections and eye injuries. Please call our office at 304-842-6226 during office hours, after hours or on weekends. Our staff will work with you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Post Surgey CarePost Surgey Care
Our office provides many of the surgical services such as Cataract surgery, Laser surgery, Refractive surgery and Strabismic surgery. We offer this in conjunction with the hospital and local eye surgeons.

In House Labin house lab
Coming soon.

Visual Fieldsvisual fields
The visual field is the "spatial array of visual sensations available to observation in introspectionist psychological experiments".

Over 1000 Frame In StockOver 1000 Frame In Stock
Coming soon.

Retinal Photographyretinal photography
A retinal camera is a specialized low power microscope with an attached camera designed to photograph the interior surface of the eye

Treatment of Eye DiseaseGlaucoma
Cataracts, Glaucoma and Diabetes

Corneal Topographycorneal topography
Corneal conditions such as asymmetrical astigmatism, a decentered apex, contact lens warpage, and irregular, peripheral and central astigmatism can dramatically affect the way a contact lens behaves on the eye.

OCT (ocular coherence tomography)OCT
Optical Coherence Tomography, or 'OCT', is a technique for obtaining sub-surface images of translucent or opaque materials at a resolution equivalent to a low-power microscope.

Retinal Topographyretinal topography
The general application of the retina tomograph is the quantitative assessment of the retinal topography and the quantification of topographic changes.

EyeGlass Guide

EyeGlass Guide will help you better understand the many lens choices available to you. This on-line tool will guide you through a series of questions about you, your lifestyle and your specific eyewear needs. At the end, you'll receive eyewear suggestions specifically tailored to meet your needs. EyeGlass Guide brought to you by Transitions®
EyeGlass Guide - English

Photochromic Demonstrations

View an instant demonstration of Transitions® photochromic technology. See how lenses darken and fade back to clear to provide continual visual comfort and protection. Demonstrations brought to you by Transitions®
Interactive demonstration of Transitions® lenses
Interactive demonstration of Transitions® lenses in different environments